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May 16, 2002

Open letter to the Chairman and the members of the Council of Elders of the Bundestag (The Federal Parliament of Germany)

The Cynical Republic

The coalition of the two largest parties prevents construction of the "Haus des Eigensinns". The victims of the doctors mass murder are for this republic (just as in the Nazi one) nothing more than a piece of meat.

As initiators of the "Haus des Eigensinns -House of maddening beauty" we must unfortunately announce that this project for a memorial and museum for the victims of systematic medical mass murder from 1939 to 1949 has failed.

Only a remembrance which ensures forgetfulness is permitted.

From the outset the "Haus des Eigensinns" was planned as a project which would illuminate the background of mass murder, a needed addition to the monument to the murdered Jews of Europe, which would have clearly shown the cultural context in which the Nazi-specific gas chamber murder developed, and would have revealed why murders continued without Nazi rule until 1949.

We must conclude that by not permitting construction of the "Haus des Eigensinns", the CDU and the SPD make impossible a real memorial and enlightenment about the worst crimes against humanity in Germany. Therfore the monument for the murdered Jews of Europe will remain an unfinished work, serving to legitimize the need for the alleged remembrance, but unfortunately only contributing to forgetting. Thus, the Federal Republic of Germany, the Cynical Republic.

"The murder of the lunatics contains the key to the Pogrom of the Jews..."

wrote Horkheimer in a letter to Adorno on August 28, 1941 already. We add: the way these murders are handled is an image of society today. And as such it reveals itself: Funds are granted for the renovation of the lecture-room of the murderers of the Heidelberg University Psychiatry Department to exhibit the looted art of their victims there instead of the worthless property at Tiergartenstrasse 4 in Berlin being assigned for a memorial museum "Haus des Eigensinns". The forces which tried to prevent this are extremely marginal. (Detailed information about the "Haus des Eigensinns" here:

If it be asserted that this analysis makes certain insinuations, we are sure that we are just describing the facts: As proof we hereby offer our sculpture "Castration thoughts come with angel music" to the Bundestag as a permanent loan to be displayed in the center of the Bundestag entrance hall. (See enclosed photo.)

This assemblage was created in 1999 from the bronze busts of the Nazi criminal psychiatrist, Karl Bonhoeffer, and donated to us by the world-famous Israeli sculptor, Igael Tumarkin, who the Federal Republic of Germany tried to buy off with a "Medal of Honor". Karl Bonhoeffer published his teachings of a "group to be exterminated" as early as 1934! Nevertheless, the largest institution as well as an underground and regional train station in Berlin continue to hold his name in his honor!

If the Bundestag wishes to disprove that it is the representative body of a cynical republic, then it can do so by deciding to have our two sculptures released which were seized by the Berlin State Security Police and permit us to permanently display one of them in the Bundestag entrance. It would become the symbol of the "MISSING LINK" between racist ideas and violent practice, and a thorn of the memory in the legislative body of the republic. More information about this suggestion can be obtained at this website:

At this point we do not wish to neglect to mention the main culprits who are apparently responsible for the failure of the "Haus des Eigensinns":

  • The German doctors: although they, with their psychiatric guild were the driving force for the mass extermination, only 5 (in words: five) of them lent their solidarity to the planned memorial - all organization representatives were against it, with the exception of Dr. Ellis Huber (one of the five), who has in the meantime been voted out as president of the Berlin Chamber of Doctors.
  • The rector of the University of Heidelberg, Prof. Siebke (see Minutes dated 8.7.1998)
  • The director of Psychiatry at the University of Heidelberg, Prof. Mundt
  • The former minister of education of Baden Wurttemberg, Mr. Klaus von Trotha
  • The prime minister of Baden Wurttemberg and deputy chairman of the CDU party, Mr. Erwin Teufel, in coalition with the former Mayor of Berlin, Mr. Eberhard Diepgen
  • The leader of the SPD party of Berlin, Mr. Peter Strieder (see Minutes dated 31.8.2000)
  • The presiding mayor of Berlin, Mr. Klaus Wowereit and his team of negotiators in the coalition negotiations, in particular Mrs. Anette Fugmann Hesing, who was responsible for censoring the "Haus des Eigensinns" out of the coaltion agreement.
  • Mrs. Dr. Quack, Managing Director of the "Memorial Foundation for the murdered Jews in Europe", who, in her (hasty?) obedience to Mr. Thierse, Mr. Naumann and Mr. Benz, managed to falsify the results of the Advisory Board in such a way that the "Haus des Eigensinns" has since completely dissapeared from his documents.
  • Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, who appointed a psychiatric geneticist to the "National Advisory Board on Ethics" in the chancellorship. Psychiatric genetics is a "scientific" branch which has the same theoretic premise as the Nazi gas chamber murderers. The herewith documented societal environment as a whole cannot be called anything other than a bio-political radical system of exclusion.

Our thanks particularly for the active support of: Mrs. Lea Rosh, Mrs. Alice Stroever, Prof. Heinrich Fink and as a representative for all Members of the "Circle of Friends of the Haus des Eigensinns" we thank Dr. Norbert Kampe of the "Memorial of the House of the Wannsee Conference". They have done their best!

Likewise, we would like to thank the donator, who we can only advise to invest his capital outside this cynical republic, so that this state can no longer continue to use the earnings from his taxes with its campaign "to make the german military force no longer a taboo".

Yours sincerely,

Signed the Board: RenÚ Talbot Uwe Pankow Hartmut Seiffahrt

Copy to all Delegates of the Bundestag and the Berlin Parliament


P.S.: First small success: on September 17 the both sculptures were released from the confiscation-"arrest" of the state security police!

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