September 20, 2003:
Statement distributed at the press conference of the announcement of the Inventary of the sources of the systematic mass murder by the doctors

Ernst Klee:
"It was not the Nazis who needed the doctors, it was the doctors who needed the Nazis!"

The coalition of the hypocrites makes a press conference

- the Minister for Culture of a cynical republic, which with each passing day confirms that this republic is cynical. In this republic the victims of the systematic medical mass murder, always euphemistically played down in the Nazi jargon as "euthanasia", are since 1939 invariably nothing but a piece of meat (read the details in: "The cynical republic").

- a former president of the Federal Chamber of Doctors, who was particularly noticeable by the fact that he coined the "Bad Word of the Year" in 1998: "Socially tolerable early dying". Proudly he repeated for two years: "Under the given circumstances I would say this again and again" and even boasted in 1977 of already having spoken of "Excess benefits by death". To pronounce so publicly, what "wish list" the highest functionary doctor has if the rising demands for the doctors fees are not promptly answered, is illuminating. It tears the mask off the face of a profession which may not strike, because then it would become obvious that the death statistics decrease significantly, as was seen in examples where a strike was nevertheless dared.
A mockery, even if it pronounces only one syllable about the medical mass murders!

- the federal archives, which does not dare destroy the documents of those murdered by the doctors but does everything in order to withhold the truth from their surviving relatives. Therein it suffered a large defeat, since Hagai Aviel from Israel published the list of over 30.000 names in the internet:

What does Mr. Oldenhage and the "cover-up" archives do? It forbids letting anything about the murdered relatives being made public, extorts them with the fact that only if they sign an agreement to secrecy, they may see the documents. According to the instructions of this republic and its archives, the relatives of the victims may thus not even erect a commemorative stone, which would make visible in public the presently concealed murders and their victims.

This is how the coalition of the hypocrites lies:
Since the Nuremberg Trial of the doctors, one can assume that the number of directly medically murdered is 275.000, therefore already in the invitation text to the press conference a third of those murdered have been "lied away". And then comes the most malignant historical falsification: one "lies away" the fact that the medical Holocaust continued in the psychiatric institutions, the systematic mass murder through deliberate starvation diets up to 1949, which resulted in approx. another 25,000 victims.
This double lie betrays what it is really all about in the coalition of the hypocrites: solidarity with the culprits. Thus the coalition emerges as a further protection of the culprits and a cover-up trust for the prevention of the independent investigation to identify the murdered persons, prevention of the political and moral evaluation of the mass murder and prevention of compensation payments to the relatives of the victims.

Article in the German newpaper
"Neues Deutschland"

October 2, 2003 on page 5 (translation from German)


Internet archives of "euthanasia" crimes

Controversy over victim numbers and the handling of the archive documents

By Peter Nowak©

Nearly 60 years after the end of the Hitler regime, not nearly all the crimes of the Nazis have been exposed. Thus the euphemistically called "euthanasia" murders of the so-called "ill and disabled" are still causing a controversy. That once again became clear during a press conference in Berlin in which the Federal Chamber of Doctors (Bundesaerztekammer) and the Federal Archives (Bundesarchiv) presented the results of a research project into the historical sources and background of the "euthanasia" crimes.

The research in this area began in the 70's of the last century. But still many areas are unclear. At least now access to the files is easier. The documents which were previously scattered in different parts of the country were combined into an inventory and placed on the internet : ( Sources were used in Germany, Austria, Poland and Tschechien.

Strong criticism of the project was made by the regional psychiatry survivors organization, Landesverband der Psychiatrieerfahrenen Berlin Brandenburg e. V. (L. P. E.). In a hand-out distributed at the press conference they accused the organizers, among other things, of having corrected downwards the number of the euthanasia murders.

While the number of 200,000 victims was put forward at this press conference, the L. P. E. quotes the numbers from newer research. According to this, over 275,000 people died until1945 in the context of the "euthanasia" program. After the end of the Nazi period up to 1949 a further 25,000 people were starved to death in psychiatric hospitals. René Talbot, speaker for the psychiatry survivors, criticized the fact that surviviing relatives of euthanasia victims, before being allowed insight into the documents, must sign an agreement of secrecy including a promise not to publish the information.