The Foucault Tribunal
on the State of Psychiatry

Berlin, Germany: April 30 - May 3, 1998

Photo gallery:

  1. Anouncement of the verdict
  2. Carnations are handed out to those who agree with the verdict
  3. Dr. Ellis Huber during cross-examination
  4. Jury members Don Weitz and Kate Millett
  5. Leading defendant, Prof. Peter Kruckenberg
  6. Dr. Ron Leifer at the microphone
  7. Mrs. Elvira Manthey and Fritz Rudert.
  8. Observers on the podium
  9. Questions from the jury
  10. René Talbot, Hagai Aviel and Dr. Ellis Huber
  11. Dr. Ron Leifer and Alexander Schulte
  12. The public applauds
  13. The reasons for the verdict are announced
  14. Dr. Vogelsang and Mrs. DiTolla
  15. Witness for the defense, Joachim Weber

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